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 cell injury MCQ



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: 15/10/2007
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: cell injury MCQ    19, 2007 3:01 am

Cell Injury
1- Necrosis (T or F) :

a- Can be caused by infections or radiation .

b- Nuclear changes are diagnostic and appear early .

c- Fat necrosis follows occlusion of blood supply .

d- Coagulation necrosis occurs in brain .

2- Which of the following is an example of coagulative necrosis :

a- acute pancreatitis .

b- Tuberculous lymphangitis .

c- Wet gangrene of toe of diabetic man .

d- Ischemic renal infarct .

e- Atherosclerotic infarct of brain.
**Pulomanry infarction shows coagulative necrosis

3- In apoptosis :

a- energy is required .

b- membrane integrity is maintained but it's structure is altered.

c- Dying cells do not provoke an inflammatory reaction .

d- Nuclei show condensation .

e- All of the above are correct .

4- Which of the following is diagnostic of pyknosis :

a- condensed nuclear chromatin .

b- dilated RER.

c- Mitochondrial calcification .

d- Disaggregated ribosome .

e- Enlargement of nucleoli .

5- Choose the WRONG statement :

a- Hypoxia is the most common type of cell injury.

b- Liquefactive is typically seen in brain .

c- Karyorrhexis is fragmentation of nucleus .

d- Cell size is enlarged in both necrosis and apoptosis .

e- Profound loss in membrane function and lack of oxidative phosphorylation are characterize irreversibility.

6- Liofusion typically accumulates in liver cells that show signs of :

a- Dysplasia .

b- Atrophy .

c- Hypertrophy .

d- Metaplasia .

e- Anaplasia .

7- Gout is characterized by (T or F):

a- Urate deposit in bones and joints .

b- Uric acid stones in kidney .

c- Hypourecemia.

d- Hypercalcemia .

8- Gout is a disorder of uric acid metabolism in which all of the following are true EXCEPT :

a- Primary gout represents the majority of cases ( about 60%)

b- Increased breakdown of nucleic acid in leukemia can lead to secondary gout .

c- Release of tophi crystals in synovial fluid activate complement C3b and C5b .

d- Primary gout can arise from deficiency of HGPRT.

e- Chronic tophaceous arthritis can cause destruction of articular cartilage .

9- Which statement is true about metastatic calcification :

a-kidney and urinary tract are the most common sites .

b-It can occur in necrotic tissue .

c-It is always localized .

d-Serum Ca level is always decrease .

e-Can not occur in normal tissue .

10- Which statement is true about DYSTROPHIC calcification :

a-are generalized diffuse .

b-Affect mainly the kidney .

c-Associated with destructive bone lesion .

d- Occur in healed focus lesion .

11- Free radical include :

a-Unpaired electron on outer orbit.

b-Cause cell membrane damage .

c-Peroxide of hydroxyl ion and water.

d-All of the above

e-Non of the above .

12- All or some or one of the following paired are /is correct :

a-AL chain multiple myloma .

b-Hemosiderin pigment skin brusing .

c-Parathyrod adenoma hypercalcemia .

d-Leukemia high uric acid .

e-Decreased uric acid excretion acidic urine .

13- Select the correct statement about Amyloid protein :

a-Has an alpha-helical chain structure.

b-Is deposited intracellulary .

c-Is a soluble protein which can be digested by proteases .

d- Give an apple-green birefringence when stained with Congo-red stain and examined by polarized light .

14- Deposition of amyloid (T or F):

a-Gas gangrene .

b- Chronic osteomyelitis.

c-Pneumococcal pneumonia .

d- Multiple myeloma.

15- Secondary amyloidosis :

a-May follow some collagen diseases.

b-Commonest affected organ is stomach .

c-Is an intracellular deposition of abnormal protein .

d- The affected tissue is best stained by Congo-red .

16- Which of the following is NOT regarded as a cause of secondary amyloidosis :

a-Tertiary syphilis.


c-Leprosy .

d-Typhoid .(acute)

e- Multiple-myeloma . 1ry
REMEMBER ( amyloidosis caused by chronic diseases )

17- All of the following about fatty change are true EXCEPT :


Fat is stained in frozen section by (Sudan-111) or (01 red(0) ).

b-Caused by injury to the cell or dietary deficiency .

c-Causes portal fibrosis.

d-Fat is present in vacuoles in the cytoplasm .

e-Commonly seen in the parenchymatous cells of liver, heart ,kidney and skeleton muscle.
cell injury MCQ
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